Owly is a Welsummer hen.  She was lonely as a chick because her friend Dragon the First got eaten by a raven.  We locked her in the coop unless we were watching her because we didn’t want the raven to get her, too.  She got all upset when she was alone, so we took her into the house and read books to her.  She didn’t understand what was going on.  When she got bigger, we put some of the hens from the other coop in her pen, but she was terrified of them.  After a while, she finally made friends with Snowball, a hen who was blind in one eye and was getting attacked by the rest of the hens.  Both Owly and Snowball were a lot happier after that–that is, until Owly got bigger and started attacking Snowball.  Now Owly lives in the coop with the other hens, but she’s still a little different.




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