Meet Dragon! She is a one-year-old Russian Orloff hen.  She was raised in a batch of four other chicks.  She is extremely carnivorous and will eat anything–not a surprise, for chickens are good mousers.  Dragon is such a pet that she will come when you call her and feed her cheese.  Russian Orloffs are a rare breed.  They are generally brown with lighter speckles, like Dragon, and lay light brown eggs. Once we had a Russian Orloff chick whose feathers were almost white.  Her name was Dragon the First.  But she always escaped her pen, and one day a raven got her.  Sadly, she was one of two chicks lost to a raven.  Dragon is named after Dragon the First.  We were hoping she would be white like the other Dragon, and chose a lighter colored chick, but she wasn’t.


Dragon the First (right) as a chick with Owly.  (This photo should be centered.) 


Dragon as a chick with Panther and Rain.


Dragon this spring.  She loves to explore.

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