Welcome to Big Thing’s Coop!  This website is named after Big Thing, a Brahma hen.  She lived to be five years old.  She was one of the sweetest, friendliest chickens ever.  She grew up with five other chicks in 2009.  Big Thing won a red danish at the fair one year (because she wasn’t the right type), and also won the small animal costume class.  She tolerated the costume extremely well.  She even let us put a hat on her head.  She liked to be pet, but was hard to pick up because she was a very large hen.


Big Thing and Egy.


The original Big Thing’s Coop banner.  Several other chickens are on it, but when I made it I left her picture off.


The new Big Thing’s Coop logo unfortunately looks nothing like Big Thing.  She has her picture on the front page, though.

Chicks and Camper june 4th 2011 011 (2)

The photo from the front page of the old website.  Big Thing in 2011.


Big Thing in fall 2011.


Big Thing looked a lot like Ghostie, another Brahma hen.

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