Showing chickens is fun.  But before you show, you need several things to be successful:



To show, you need a breed-type bird.  This Blue Cochin hen was our first Type grand champion.  She won as a pullet, but as she grew, she lost the look needed for show.  Now she’s a pet.

  1. A show-quality bird.  But how do you know if you have one?  Check the American Standard of Perfection for the ideal breed type.  For small shows or fairs, you don’t need a perfect bird.
  2. Showmanship clothes.  All showmanship exhibitors need a white shirt and black pants and a belt.
  3. Basic chicken knowledge.  Study the Standard of Perfection.  Also look up chicken diseases and other facts.  The more you know, the better you’ll place.  Chicken showmanship, unlike some other animals, is heavily knowledge-based!
  4. Know how to show your bird.  Watch videos on chicken showing and learn tips.
  5. Practice!  The more work you put in at home, the better you’ll do once you get nervous at the show!



Work with your birds while they’re young.  This will pay off in the showring.

Watch for chicken showing articles on our website, under the “show arena” menu!


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